Friday, September 21, 2012

slow to realizations...easy to pronounce a metaphor

i have noticed how tunnel vision comes out when i'm making lots of blackout poetry.

one external limit is the words given to me, for example, i have lately been going to an old pocket book of art history. hence so many undertones (or overtones) of religion and such.

an internal limitation is simply, myself. while i'm sure there's some study just waiting to be picked up by a overzealous psychologist, i am limited to words that appeal to me. at least in the initial process.
as i work through it, i get rid of particular phrases or words that direct the poetry into the final theme. occasionally i can only "make it work" by getting rid of a word or phrase that i really want to keep. the problem is that it doesn't flow with all the other words.

somehow, i'm sure this can be some sort of metaphoric life application.

in the meantime, it's nice to be back into regularly working on blackouts. expect many more as i go through this old book.

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