Tuesday, October 7, 2014

completed a book's worth.

i have finally completed making blackout poetry of book. the original book was about christian art through the early years. i have posted up some examples of the images and some of the poems themselves. this is not the book in its entirety as that is its own piece. but i wanted to share some with you. those from the book are titled by the page number from which they were taken.

page 66

speak a language
political importance

page 128

originality ignores
the facade

page 64

one of the purest examples of
original appearance
so simple as to seem almost bare.

page 142

a masterpiece of

page 152


page 120

is in many forms

page 115

tradition recurs

page 101

others are
the fragments of

page 77

most notable example
to be found

page 36

is naturally
an important breaks
in the development of tradition

the most important

page 55

so that we can understand how
it was then

page 43

is highly controversial

page 30 and page 31

despite the

it is a perfect expression

city walls

page 26

repeated use of a
standard figure
remained conservative


Page 15

attitudes represent moments

the famous     kinds of figures     that we know

purposes   were very widespread

Thursday, September 25, 2014

art defined

to look at
a movement that break the monotony

page 67

art is to be found in
some controversy

page 68

inspired work
in art
constructed by
a harmony of rhythms

page 92

after the storm

page 98

art evident in the

page 121


speak a language
humanity that
political importance

Saturday, May 31, 2014

genuine art

bringing back

genuine spirit and thought

behind pure expression

of the most common art

had widespread influence.


excessively powerful
by order of

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

my blackout poetry anniversary

returning, after a long time of posting nothing here.
i'm also returning to my one of my senior projects after an almost equally long amount of time after it's exhibition. 

it's what got me so hooked onto blackout poetry in the first place, and this blog's existence. as i worked on my blackout project, i wanted to save the individual poetries as the happened. i have worked on enough projects to have thrown away most ideas of a work staying the same throughout the entire creative process. even if i did want to keep it concrete, it needed to be flexible and changeable in order to be something creative. i allowed that and it worked. a few years after its completion, i am still very pleased and even quite proud of this project. 

it became what i wanted, what i needed. it was personal, but still something i could share, it had impact on others. i found a way to record the changing process. i can look back and know where the switches turned on. i had to take a deep breath and cross out things i thought i needed in order to move on and make all the pieces come together, forming a story i knew was what it needed to become. and i even forgot if i was working and thinking on my art project or life. i find that both have lessons like this to give.

 the starting panel all the way to the end, taking the viewer on a stroll as they read my journey.
as i worked, i was still writing page after page in journal after journal recording my own changes and experiences and trying to make sense of life. 

 each panel carried it's own story and look and feel, but after looking back and around, figuring it all out, each panel lead to the next step of the story.
"we decided together to show people the beginning" this was the last panel of my work. because even though the reading was over, life was still just starting. and by now, i knew i was not alone.

to read the final poem, you can skip to my post called the journal/the journey.