Monday, February 28, 2011

20 untouchable

we feel protected by those that threaten

innocent and unnoticed identity

invited to attend the power of an artist at work
ongoing project

gritty aspects of borders that no longer exist
not normally noticed

the edges of places that have meaning
unwavering continuity

free and open
places where it is hard to tell decay

is about imaginary

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

19 capitalism

taking power
delivering power
use the power of consumption
to make that number higher

18 beginning a rebellion


radical solution to long developing problems
drastic change

government terrorists responsible

longing for change
there was corruption

fight against
not as easy
that would change

possible to live
chances of success

propaganda and lies

17 the power of an ignorant society.

a review of laws
emphasis on the impact
laws are appropriate

should be changed
proposal concerns

pursuing the cost of pursuing
look into the possibility
society reduced education


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

16 it may take an identity crisis to finally be yourself

we tend to judge people
always forming impressions
we fit in or we rebel

the attention was gratifying
felt really good
leaving an imprint

consume your identity
forget what's at the core
people are too distracted
i surrendered

breaking point
had to die
face in the crowd

my look is genuine self-expression
you are under the surface

15 needed help

the storm descended
extra weight
cause some of them to break
tender leaf killed

14 responsibility to think for yourself.

we're cutting
cutting, gutting our innovation and education

like lightening an overloaded airplane
watch the impact

cut more

like to have seen responsible wake
even though no students did view
all the noise of our public

focused on recovery

we are a part of something
more than political control

13 in rememberance

born searching
everything is painful

not alone

never asked questions before
how many return
all were battling

identify courage
Jesus had taken torture
unbearable. unspeakable
comfortable with doubts and questions
daily life of social justice, sick and dying poor

i never left it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a note on blogs 12 and 12.5

both of these poems were taken from an article in rolling stone magazine. the article featured to write love on her arms. it is a non-profit movement that works to provide a path to help and recovery for people who struggle with depression, addiction, eating disorders, self-injury and suicide.

it began as an attempt to help a friend who was in trouble and needed people who would simply love her. t-shirts were made with "to write love on her arms" and sold to raise money to help her pay for rehab. they soon found out that these issues resonated with thousands of people and it grew into a movement.

if you want to find out a little more (as i'm sure i've hardly managed to explain this well enough) go to their website. this is the story that began it all. and this is their statement. though i recommend check it all out.

12.5 never give up

he listens
feel the love
feel truly valued

kill yourself?
he saved her life

community of hope
her story being alive
you are not alone
a self-taught savior prayed a lot
easy to be around
to talk to

friend killed himself
deal with the news
hadn't seen it coming
coincidences add up
quietly wrestling
stuff happened

revealed himself flawed, struggling
isn't afraid to be seen
written all over him
live like that
to be bold
vulnerabilities freshly unchained
fueled by the power of faith

ceaseless empathy is exhausting
there are failures

she was alone
wanted to die
needed help
straightened out again

real recovery
relapses, pitfalls

to pursue
to write
to create
to go
love with patience and plan

i was really hurting
i was living lonely
realized his own pain
is greater than he thought
a small failure

life must be awesome
i want life

12 to write love on her arms

the story really inspired
the world can be a better place
grace and an old friend

with depression and addictions
and self-injury and suicidal urges

we exist
we exist
create hope?
honest conversation
desperate need
love helped me so much
speaking, reaching out
trying to heal the pain by getting as close to it as possible

key to reaching is authenticity
cult of hope
talking of love and forgiveness
shared universe of sorrow

love hears some shit
abuse, neglect, raped, drug addicted
children hanging in closets
wish they were dead
self-injury and depression, always suffered
cutting herself
confronting this pain alone
jaded mental health veterans
weakening suicide prevention

hug burst into sobs
it made me cry
eye contact

hope is real

can i have one more hug?

11 return to new life

make me sound crazy
surprising considering life right now
felt like a lot have gone through a similar thing

i bought a few years
life connected
everything fell into place
a song happens

doesn't mean her world
is incredibly fucked up
go back
as if nothing ever happened
loves from different personality

10 free to need to be important

i do everything for her life
kind conscientious duty
appreciate me for it!

stopped evidence was right up there
i was disappointed
role model

i was disappointed
i'd made the right choice

pissed off
the other half of me screamed
found myself defending
the issue kept nagging

the source
who's there
i had to wonder
feel bad
what's important
conflicted value
terribly lonely

pretended to choose getting over it


9 tournament

attempt to win
battle to keep their lead
with that denied
battle back

i like shooting
to win
it was great
we did good

victory ended home
made those guys
worst case scenario
final play

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8 someone told me art is communication of the soul

i'm not a fan for exploit tragedy
that's moronic
genuine music carries true honest heartbreak

should give a bit of warning
the attitude, Murder
will maybe still like the life
of a good song
you haven't listened to music

be surprised

7 outside yourself

not everyone likes everything
severely limit experiences of culture

pretentious argument
highlight sins
better to burn

friendships have a result

people convinced today about the best
once they have exhausted all

can i judge them?
i don't know

worst response possible
good money
lying, generalized answer

don't want to talk to you
didn't think so
i can't get enough
opinions of people outside your "likes"