Wednesday, September 12, 2012

see what i did! images from the original project ('the journal/the journey")

excluding the last one marked in red, the following images are from my blackout poetry project that started this blog. for the moment, they are not in the correct order, also, i have many more than what you see here...closer to 30 were displayed as one story, closer to 50+ blackouts were made that never got used. but for now, here are images from the original blackout project (apologies for the poor photo quality, i will try to post clearer images in the future):

holding out alone. communication. never happens. at random.

radical solution to long developing problems. drastic change.

breaking point. identity. you are. under the surface.

friendships have. a result. people.

can i judge them? i don't know.

together we decided to show people the beginning.

genuine. heartbreak. personal.

this is a work in progress blackout poetry. i ran out of black marker, but there's no rule to what colors you can use, so it's all good! some people are terribly clever and include pictures in the pages they are blacking out. someday i will be brave and creative enough to try that.

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