Monday, March 26, 2012

march 30 2012. a day of hope.

30 march 2012 will be the 6th year anniversary from when the first shirt of To Write Love On Her Arms was worn by jon foreman, lead singer of the band switchfoot.
the shirts had been made to help out a friend in need. because the story was one that many shared, it grew into a movement. it started out simply as a way to raise money for the help someone needed and to give hope to someone who'd forgotten hope was real.
now that same hope is shared all over the country and the world. people are finding out that they are not alone in their pain and others are learning that they aren't helpless when their loved ones feel like they're fighting a losing battle.

someone close to me wears TWLOHA shirts very often. he believes the things they say, but he believes them for himself and for others. against all odds. at risk of sounding naive or foolish. he chooses that risk over giving up on anyone. this passionate hope in the form of a sounds silly but helped me talk about things for the first time.
for the first time i felt safe enough to open up to someone.
and he's still here.

i have a TWLOHA that dogtag that i never take off. one side has lost almost all it graphic; i am onto my third chain for it. my boyfriend gave it to me a little less than two years. i was about to leave for a long hard summer and had already had a lot of problems in the months of school. he gave it to me to remember him, to remember to keep fighting and hoping. because we both knew what the message of TWLOHA meant to us individually and together.

since then the dogtag has been through almost as much pain and struggle as i have. i've spent many nights holding it and rubbing my thumb across it. remembering hope, remembering my boyfriend who's been walking through hell with me, and everyone else loving me.

the paint has chipped, i feel bumps in the necklace.
but now i just think it fits me even better now.
a lot of sleepless nights, desperate for comfort and begging God for some relief.
terrified of losing another battle with myself.
and then the morning comes, and i wake up.
my TWLOHA necklace hangs from my neck.
i'm alive.
i'm not alone.
i'm still moving.
i have a new day to live.

why do i wear TWLOHA? my best answer would be to show you my dogtag necklace. full of story. full of hope. full of love.

rescue is possible.
hope is not a myth.
you are not alone.

Monday, March 19, 2012


gunshot wound to his leg
show of force
jagged scar from his lip

there's a gun in the building

he stood in front
like a human shield
his black eye becoming darker

they were out of range
part of the conspiracy

the man would not let violence erupt
his mind raced

it might be the gun

silent alarm