Sunday, February 12, 2012


lost and blaming each other
introduced conflict


become angry

the guilt breaks apart community
make peace with the blame
break the cycle of blame

instead of blaming
accept forgiveness

make peace with others
give and receive

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Anthony Omari

this is an article from another blog. the blog itself is fairly accurate in the baseline information it provides on the featured person or character. the author adds insane exaggerations as a creative writing tool.

if you would prefer to skip the language, here's is the basic story. below are some links you can follow to learn more.

the story is about Anthony Omari, who lives in Kenya with his mothers. together they run an orphanage, the Faraja Children's Home in Ngong, Kenya. sadly it has frequently been broken into by thieves and other unsavory people. one particular night, the 4th break-in of the month, Omari took on 3 men with machetes, Omari bravely protected the orphans with a hammer, the only weapon he could manage. his face was cut but a blade and he was given stitches.

he survived and is still helping the orphans. word has gotten out and donations have been given from many different countries to help the orphaned and abandoned children. they now have adequate security and also been able to purchase beds for the children.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

maybe a soul lives off of hope

we emphasize hope.


a living hope.

we will love life
and see salvation of our souls.

with a pure heart
we can live with hope.

hope we have in our hearts
we know love.