Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a note on blogs 12 and 12.5

both of these poems were taken from an article in rolling stone magazine. the article featured to write love on her arms. it is a non-profit movement that works to provide a path to help and recovery for people who struggle with depression, addiction, eating disorders, self-injury and suicide.

it began as an attempt to help a friend who was in trouble and needed people who would simply love her. t-shirts were made with "to write love on her arms" and sold to raise money to help her pay for rehab. they soon found out that these issues resonated with thousands of people and it grew into a movement.

if you want to find out a little more (as i'm sure i've hardly managed to explain this well enough) go to their website. this is the story that began it all. and this is their statement. though i recommend check it all out.

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